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  • Giving voice to brands

    through authoritative and compelling storytelling

  • Giving voice to HCPs and patients

    By speaking clearly and forcefully to empower all those who are so personally invested in health

  • Giving voice to employees

    by creating an environment where people can express themselves freely and truly be heard

  • We are a full-service, global healthcare marketing agency, combining show-stopping creative, strategic savvy, and deep scientific expertise. Over 400 employees strong, we are united to give voice to health.

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  • Stand together icon
    • We fight for what’s good and what’s right, even when it’s not easy or popular
    • We are true advocates—for our agency, our clients, our work, and ourselves
    • We are fearless without being reckless
  • Grow together icon
    • We believe that part of being the best at what we do means always striving to be better
    • We grow from every experience, positive or negative
    • We seek to help and inspire change in others—in every conversation and interaction
  • Live together icon
    • We feel this job is more fun and rewarding when we do it together than when we do it alone
    • We know that to be heard by each other, we first need to listen to each other
    • We believe that having a fulfilling life’s work begins with having a fulfilling life

Giving voice to health happens everywhere at H&S

Creative that gives voice to health

  • MS Model
  • Prevent HIV
  • Lung Cancer Screening
  • WAD Flash Mob


We’re proud to partner with these non-profit organizations


Mario Muredda CEO

Mario   Muredda

Mario joined Harrison and Star in 2012 and became CEO in 2018. His ability to convert even the most complex scientific concepts into marketing opportunities has made him an indispensable partner to teams and clients. Mario has worked on brands at all stages of their life cycles and has launched over 20 products/indications. He is also a published author in the field of molecular biology.

Mardene Miller President

Mardene   Miller

Mardene believes that every product can be a game changer, and she has helped create megabrands in many therapeutic areas. Mardene gives everything she does at least 100%. She doesn’t just go for a jog; she runs a marathon. She doesn’t just start a family; she has triplets. She doesn’t just make friends with her clients; she creates an extended family. And her favorite way to relax is…to get up and do something!

Mark Friedman CCO

Mark   Friedman

Mark joined Harrison and Star in 2013 after a 22-year career at CDM. Mark is best known for launching Viagra into the bedrooms of millions, from Bob Dole to baseball, with NASCAR in between. But Mark is more than a one-pill wonder. He has conceived award-winning work for brands of all shapes and sizes across numerous categories. At Harrison and Star, Mark has expanded his creative vision deep into the Oncology world.

Charles Doomany EVP, CFO and COO

Charles   Doomany
EVP,   CFO   and   COO

Charles brings over 30 years of experience in advertising and marketing communications. He began his career with Omnicom Group as Director of Internal Audit. In his current role, he oversees all Agency operations departments, with a focus on financial management. Charles is also a CPA and lives in New Jersey with his wife Joan.

Teresa Kung Exec. Director, Strategy & Innovation

Terese   Kung
Exec.   Director,   Strategy   &   Innovation

A cooking club co-founder, licensed New York tour guide, and former competitive pianist, Terese seeks inspiration from anywhere to reimagine what’s possible for her healthcare brands. With 15 years in healthcare strategy and a career in real estate portfolio analysis, she uses her quantitative skills and nuanced human understanding to solve an array of client challenges.

Florian Brey Director of Medical

Florian   Brey,   MD,   PhD
SVP,    Medical   Director

Florian is a man of many dimensions. He’s an MD, PhD with a BFA in Visual Design, and he’s worked in both Medical and Creative for 17 years. He’s a classically trained pianist, a passionate chef, and a truly global citizen who has traveled the world to experience different cultures. His curiosity, fearlessness, and varied experience serve him well as head of Harrison and Star’s Medical Department.

Paulette Robinson Director of Project Management

Paulette   Robinson
VP,   Director   of   Project   Management

Paulette has been with Harrison and Star since 2007, and has managed countless digital projects from simple emails to complex web and tablet presentations. She is responsible for operational excellence across all digital tasks, working closely with brand teams to optimize the job flow process for project delivery that is on time and within budget. And she has groomed a strong team of project managers who ensure thorough project planning from beginning to end.

We live our values every day

H&Sers are amazing, at work and everywhere else. Here are some of their stories.

Humans and Stories - Kristie Yeung
Copy Supervisor/Dance Diva

I like to think of myself as being a little bit like Beyonce. I heard she’s quite shy off stage, and I can totally relate to that. As a child, I was shy, but dancing really helped with that. Through dance, I was able to express myself and gain the confidence to do things I previously felt I couldn’t do.

I love dance because it’s just so awesome. It’s a physical activity. It gets your heart going, so you always feel wonderful afterwards. It's creative, so it's fulfilling in that way. It’s also social. People have always danced together—there's a huge social aspect to it. All these things make it an excellent release after work. If you've had a long day, there’s no better feeling than jumping around and moving your limbs wildly about yourself—because when else do you get to do that? It’s very liberating.

Humans and Stories - Reza Ladak
Account Supervisor/Human Advocate

Over the past 6 years, I've worked with various nonprofit organizations here and overseas. My parents are immigrants; they came from East Africa. So they know what it’s like to have nothing. Growing up, they always stressed, “if you have something, you should always give back. You’ll feel better giving than receiving.” And that’s really what it is. When I went to Lebanon, when I went to Haiti, there was no better feeling than being able to provide for someone else who had no hope of giving back to you. That’s what drives me to want to keep being part of organizations, and helping out, and doing everything and anything I can. I haven’t found anything in life that feels better than giving, even knowing I won’t get anything back.


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